10/4 Amigo had his teeth floated today! He was a little bratty in the beginning, but he got better and better the more he was worked on. Nobody likes going to the dentist :(

10/5 We went for a walk out on the trails today. I just lead him around since I could hear dirtbikes in the distance and wasn't sure how he'd be. It was Amigo's first time seeing the trails/being out of our yard and he did great, didn't spook at all! He did accidently give me quite the 'bruise' on my finger though.. I wasn't looking when I gave him a treat and stuck my fingers right inside his mouth - OUCH! He got me pretty good too, broke the skin and everything. My fault though, not his!

10/11 Went for a ride today, about 1hr30mins on the trails. Chris came along (but stayed on the ground) with our dog Blue. Amigo was a good boy. Couple stumbles here and there (by all of us haha) over some of the rooty/rocky parts but we were all good. There are a few dips in the trails made by the dirtbikes that go out there. Amigo didn't like walking up&down those so he'd stay off to the side of the trail where it was flatter haha Lazy boy! It was beautiful out there with all the leaves changing. I can't wait to go out again!

10/13 Yesterday we got started on our soon-to-be Round Pen. Can't wait till its finished! Photobucket Photobucket

10/20 Set up the make-shift round pen yesterday. Had both the horses in there and they were doing well. I noticed that Amigo has a limp when asked to do a quick trot/canter when circling left. Obviously I'm concerned. Seems to only have the limp when circled though, since he was cantering and galloping all over the place today. I was going to take him for a nice long ride today but after the limping yesterday I was a little nervous to make it worse. So instead, Chris and I brought our dog Blue over -- The animals were playing like crazy! I have some pics and vids that I need to upload. Amigo was having a ball chasing Blue all over the yard. Charging at her and galloping away. Of course my camera died when he was rearing and bucking getting all excited. Amigo even stopped to roll mid-chase, it was hilarious! And as soon as he was done Rowdy rolled in the same soft sandy spot haha Even the cows joined in on the antics and started bouncing around and kicking out. It was so much fun watching all of them running around enjoying the fall weather. For now, I am off to go pick up some $horse boots$ for Amigo's feet in hopes that they can help him out till the (new) farrier comes out to take a look.

11/1 Amigo was styling today in his fancy boots. He's had them on before, but today was his first real adventure with them. He's been weird lately about picking his feet up but I finally got those goofy boots on and he was fine. Me&Amigo and Chris&Blue went for another walk on the trails. Amigo didn't have any issues with the boots at all, not even on the roots or going up/down hills. I even hopped on him for a bit(even though I didn't want to cuz of his foot.. but I couldn't resist) And even with me on him his balance and gait were fine with the boots on, so they should work out good. Since the farrier we wanted is being deployed to Iraq we've been looking for another one. Think we found a guy from Newburyport who is supposed to be good. He says he might be able to make it this coming week. I REALLY hope so. I just want someone to tell me its just a bad trim job and maybe a hoof bruise and that Amigo's foot is fine. Its only a slight limp and he doesn't even do it at a walk but it still makes me nervous. I don't want him in any pain, and of course I want to ride him too...the weather is Perfect! In other news I need to cut back on his grain and get him some more excercise his belly is HUGE!

11/14 Finally! A farrier has taken a look at Amigo! He was thinking seedy toe, I was thinking an abscess - turns out, its neither! There was some heat coming from that foot he said, but he doesn't see/didn't find anything wrong. We think he just has tender feet for now. So, he's got a fresh pair of shoes on and I have to paint venice turpentine/iodine stuff on his feet to try and toughen them up and hopefully come December we can have another go at being barefoot. So the left foot is fine, probably just a bruise. And just as we all thought, that crack is mostly because of the bad trim and his feet being too long. All four were definitely squared off too. But thankfully, my fears have now been eased about that left foot. The RIGHT foot however has a very slight thrush problem which I can easily take care of. Poor boy.. But I'm doing my best to make him all better! Maybe I'll get some pics and video (with my new camera!) of his new shoes tomorrow if its not too rainy....


5/9/09 It's been a while! Amigo is doing great :) And so isn't his buddy, Rowdy. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, we've just been super busy. I recently got engaged and we're in the process of buying a house. Crazy! But no worries, Amigo is still getting all sorts of love and attention. Infact, I'm about to go see him right now! I'll bring the camera :)